Telehealth Service

Telehealth is free and convenient service which can be beneficial to some of our patients.

It allows a long distance patient-clinician communication via video conferencing including but not limited to medical advice, education and monitoring.

How it works

Patients interested in establishing Telehealth communication with their doctors need to set up or use an existing Gmail account and Hangouts app.

Please, download and print out a copy of the Telehealth Consent form. Fill out, sign and bring it to the scheduled appointment with your doctor. Upon submission of the form to our office you will be requested for your Gmail address. During the appointment you will discuss benefits and advantages of Telehealth service. Once mutual agreement is achieved between you and your doctor you will be provided with doctor’s email address for Telehealth communication.

Add the email address to your contact list.

Before the appointment time, move to a bright secure quiet place with your electronic device (iPhone, tablet, computer etc.) where you have a high-speed internet service and wait for your video call.

The provided email address will be used, exclusively, for Telehealth appointments.

Please, DO NOT send any emails or documents to that email address.


Patients registered with iHealthMD Medical Centre are eligible for the Telehealth service communication.

What to expect

We are able to offer the Telehealth service, exclusively, for follow up visits and non-urgent concerns.